As an aspiring commercial photographer Jake Lowe wants his photographs to feel equally at home presented in a frame on a gallery wall or with a by-line as a commercial in a magazine.

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Photography) with Distinction at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia in 2009, Jake has grown to love the craft of photography. Not only does he feel that his images must adhere to a professional standard, they must also follow a narrative; making pre-production, capture and post-production all equally important parts of his photographic process.

Jake has won a number of local awards in landscape photography and has a special interest in narrative portraiture, still life and landscape photography. 




  • Sony World Amateur Conceptual Photographer of the Year 2010

  • Irwin & McLaren Landscape Award 2009 (Best Landscape Folio in the BA Photography)

  • Ilford Tertiary Students Photographic Competition Semester 2 2009 - First Place

  • San Pellegrino 2009 Café Society Photography Competition - Creativity Prize

  • Ilford Tertiary Students Photographic Competition Semester 2 2008 - Third Place